Tourist Attractions of Costa Rica


The tourist attractions of Costa Rica brought almost two million visitors from other countries in 2007, which makes the country number one among nations in Central America. One of the highlights of Costa Rica tourism is its ecotourism, where the main attractions are features of nature and the preservation of them.

Visit Palo Verde National Park to see a great number of magnificent native and migratory birds, or take a trip to Monteverde for a look at the beautiful cloud forests of Costa Rica. Spelunkers will find the limestone caverns of Barra Honda an interesting place to explore. There are also plenty of other wetlands, forests, and refuges to see amazing varieties of animals ranging from butterflies and birds to dolphins and sloths.

Canopy tours are one of the most popular tourist attractions of Costa Rica. From a zip-line, tram, tower, or bridge, visitors can really see the rich diversity of the stunning natural life all over Costa Rica. The canopy is home to vast numbers of birds, monkeys, plants, and more. The zip-line canopy tours provide a particularly exhilarating way to view the Costa Rican canopy, as visitors get to fly over the landscape like superheroes. From towers or bridges tourists can see panoramic postcard views of beaches, mountains, and volcanoes.

Volcanoes are tourist attractions of Costa Rica that bring many visitors every year. There are over 100 volcanic structures in the country. Arenal Volcano is the most active one in Costa Rica. It is north of the capitol city of San Juan and is also near Lake Arenal. Tourists also enjoy seeing the hits springs and caves nearby. Some of the other major volcanoes are Cacao, Tenorio, and Miravalles.

Museums are some of the other popular tourist attractions of Costa Rica. For example, the Jade Museum in San José offers the largest collection of American jade in the world. There are also works made of bone, stone, and gold from pre-Columbian and Mayan cultures. The National Museum, located in an old Civil War fort, houses exhibitions of ancient artifacts from the native cultures. It also includes Spanish religious artworks and contemporary exhibits. Visitors will also find a host of nature and art museums across Costa Rica.

Of course, one can’t forget to stop by some of the countless beaches that make up so many of the tourist attractions of Costa Rica. Playa Tamarindo is a popular beach for surfing. November and December are the two best moths for catching the biggest waves there. Jaco is another popular spot for surfers, and it also offers a fine selection of restaurants and casinos. Visit Montezuma on the Nicoya peninsula to see relaxing tide pools and rushing waterfalls. Playa Grande is another fun beach to visit, as tourists there can see leatherback turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs. And there is nothing cuter than seeing the little hatchlings make their way to the water. Meanwhile, Corcovado offers dark sands and exotic wildlife. Boating trips are also popular there.

Costa Rica has earned quite a reputation for balancing its bustling tourism industry with responsible caretaking of the environment. Let’s hope more locations continue to follow Costa Rica’s examples of eco-friendly tourist attractions.

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