Retire to Costa Rica – 7 Good Reasons to Do So

The time of your retirement may soon be approaching, so why not retire to Costa Rica? It’s important to have a plan in place in order to be able to fully capitalize on what should be the best years of your life. Everybody wants to find their dream retirement destination. For many North Americans, that place is now Costa Rica. In fact, Costa Rica has more North Americans per capita than any other country in the world, outside of the United States of course. You will find that retiring to Costa Rica has a load of benefits. Here is a quick guide highlighting some of the best reasons to retire to Costa Rica.

  •  Stability and peace – Costa Rica is renowned for its stability and peaceful nature, especially in an area where many governments are in turmoil. Crime, especially violent crime, is very low and the country has been enjoying a free Democratic lifestyle for over 150 years. The army was disbanded long ago as the country maintains a neutral international stance.
  •  Accommodating to Americans – One of the great reasons for an American to retire to Costa Rica is because the country is so accommodating. As mentioned, there are already many Americans living there. Costa Rica also has many of the services that we enjoy in the United States; including services like DirecTV and English newspapers.
  •  Cheap cost of living – When you retire to Costa Rica you will find that the cost of living is extremely cheap. Hired help is affordable, utilities are up to 30% cheaper and the cost of living is over 10% cheaper than other Central American areas.
  • Amazing climate – When people envision their dream retirement destination, they don’t often visualize stormy, uneven or cold conditions. In Costa Rica, you will find a calm, warm and mellow climate system that provides great weather and opportunities year round.
  • Investment and business opportunities – Real estate is an emerging opportunity in Costa Rica. Think about it like this, if you see all of these great reasons to retire to Costa Rica, so do many other Americans as well. That means many people are looking to go down to the area and land is becoming more valuable. Additionally, the government helps valuable businesses to thrive and succeed.
  •  Great healthcare – Costa Rica is famous for its great healthcare and medicine. Not only are the healthcare services top notch, but they are also extremely affordable and accessible. You never have to worry about falling into bad health and not being able to be treated, or not being able to afford your medication.
  • A fun, lively retirement – A retirement in many places means one thing: nothing to do, nowhere to go and constantly being bored and unfulfilled. However, when you retire to Costa Rica you will find that there are so many great ways to spend your days. From the beaches to the beautiful rainforests you can take in a variety of natural, pristine settings. There are plenty of cultural activities, arts and museums and there are also many sports and other activities to enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? The time to take advantage of this opportunity is now! Your retirement should be everything you always dreamt it would be, and you can have it all in Costa Rica!

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