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Costa Rica vacations have become popular among many travelers, and for good reasons. Whether you’re seeking information about travelling, surfing camps, hotels, condo rentals, attractions, sportsfishing or real estate, this site can help you better plan your trip.

For those of you that just can’t leave their surf boards and that would sell their soul for spending the rest of their life on a windy beach, rest assured that Costa Rica is much more than a surfing mecca. But yes, it sure is one of the top spot for enjoying your favorite sport. When he landed here in 1502, Columbus named the country “rich cost” for a good reason. Anyone who’s travelled around the country knows that’s it’s a real tropical paradise with outstanding wildlife and flora, which by themselves make Costa Rica vacations worthwhile.

Much of the country is comprised of national parks or natural reserves where hundreds of birds, mammals, and reptiles live, all surrounded by an Eden-like environment, among an incredible variety of trees, plants and flowers, making Costa Rica vacations a truly unforgettable experience.

The country has been open to tourism for several years now and its popularity is growing. It offers travelers many types of attractions, from volcanoes to tropical vegetation to great beaches. Stretched between the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean Sea, the country boasts beautiful, impressive landscapes. On a territory the size of Texas, it accounts for 6% of the planet’s vegetal species, and with numerous protected sites, it has become the ideal destination for those who like eco-tourism and rainforests.

In fact, over one million individuals travel here each year, attracted by beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rivers and tropical forests. Traveling in CR is a sure way to experience unforgettable adventures.

Compared to its neighbors, the country has a remarkably stable political history, which is certainly a factor when deciding where to spend some time off. Costa Rica vacations may be safer than other destinations in Latin America.

If you come over here, chances are that you will land in the capital city, San Jose, the economic and cultural heart of the country, located near the middle of the territory on the central plateau. There, you will find museums, restaurants, and most of the modern amenities to which you’ve become accustomed.

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Recent News:

United to fly non-stop between Chicago and Costa Rica
Tico Times
United Airlines announced plans Wednesday to begin new non-stop service on several international and domestic routes in the spring, including weekly year-round service between Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and San José, Costa Rica, scheduled …

Cloud forest flora absorb moisture from fog; at risk from climate change
Inside Costa Rica
Researchers studied for a year in the mountains of Monteverde, Costa Rica, and found that during months of low rainfall, fog was the main source of hydration for the flora. The researchers found that trees in cloud forests are specially adapted to …

Costa Rica to close year with a record number of tourists / News Briefs …
Tico Times
This year, several airlines increased flights to Costa Rica, including Iberia Airlines (5 percent increase in the number of flights from Madrid to San José), AeroMexico (two new daily flights between San José and Mexico City), and Copa Airlines (two …

Costa Rica declares calypso music ‘national patrimony’
Tico Times
Calypso was introduced into Costa Rica by Jamaican immigrants who settled along the Caribbean coast. The style of music combines simple, yet catchy, chord structures with lyrics that tell stories as diverse as a region’s history, a family’s financial …

Why Expats Fall in Love With Costa Rica –
International Living
What is it about Costa Rica that entices someone to leave their home country and start all over in a foreign land? I was first lured by the wonderful tropical climate. Life is so much simpler living in warm, but not too hot, weather. I don’t need a big …

The Incredible Wildlife of Costa Rica
The Costa Rican Times
Wildlife lover’s worldwide talk about Costa Rica because it has the highest density of biodiversity in the world! In only 1/3 of a percent of the Earth’s land you can find 4% of the species found on Earth. It’s home to 500,000 species! Because Costa …

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